PT Liga Indonesia Baru (LIB) as the operator of League 1 decided to use the services of foreign referees. The decision of using the foreign referees is planned to be applied in the second round of the competition. Regarding to the number of complains from the clubs about the leadership of the local referee.

In addition, the decision was taken to improve the quality of League 1. Because almost every week, club participants of League 1 convey dissatisfaction with the quality of the local referees. There are even 6 to 7 referees whose leadership will be evaluated later.

PT LIB decides that later in every nine games, each week, foreign referees will lead at least about 50 percent of the number of matches held each week. The use of foreign referees is also only for FIFA licensed main referees, while line judges still use local referees.

Hearing the news, Borneo FC player Flavio Beck Junior is very excited. Players who are familiarly called Flaka was surprised with the news, but then appreciate the steps of PT Liga Indonesia Baru.

"Is it true? Well, I just heard it and it's a good move, I fit in with this, a good attitude from the federation especially for Asia," said Flaka, Flavio's nickname.

The Brazilian player also thinks that the local referee of League 1 should be evaluated. Although not all local referees have bad qualities, but he considered the quality of the referee needs improvement. "So the bad thing is, when there is a foul, he does not mention that is a foul, or when there is a foul, the referee does not care at all," said the player with squad number 87.

According to him, some referees who need to be evaluated even suspended due to his bad leadership in the League 1 competition. "Yes there is a bit problem with the local referee, but I think not all local referees are bad," he concluded. (HFZ)