Borneo FC's lost at Segiri Stadium in the match against Sriwijaya FC made the home winning streak record to broke. Borneo FC's president then gave words to all his players.

Nabil asked the team to forget that shameful result against Sriwijaya FC. Even so, he wanted all players to change in their next match since their performance in the previous match was unimpressive. He even said that some were below what expected.

"I did not understand about what had happened in the match against Sriwijaya FC. We played at home . All players could be better than that, they should maximize their performance." said Nabil.

Related to the performance of the players, Nabil wondering what's missing. Becausee the management have given all facilities and fulfilling players' request. "I ask to all players to realise and open their eyes to which parts should be fixed. So there will be no reason to be act irresponsible towards Borneo FC." he added.

Nabil confirmed that there will be an evaluation. To every element in the team which did not show maximal performance will be reduced. The main purpose is to improve the performance of Pesut Etam in the League 1 competition. "The management will not stay quiet about the team performance. We will doing a review and all deficiency will be evaluated." he confirmed.

Not enough time to regretting the defeat, Nabil wants the home match against PS TNI on Sunday (8/13) should be won by Borneo FC. Nabil does not want the team to be ashamed for the second time in their home base, Segiri Stadium, Samarinda. (ARB/AHS)