Borneo FC's captain, Ponaryo Astaman was absent in the match of Borneo FC against Persipura Jayapura at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda on Monday (8/21). Yamashita Kunihiro was set the club's captain for the game.

Ponaryo skipped the match because he was following the AFC A license coaching course held by PSSI. Ponaryo was looking so serious and focused to the presentation delivered by the AFC instructor from Kuwait, Bader Abdul Jalil at Nirwana Sawangan Park, Depok, West Java. Thic coaching course starts from 21st August to 2nd September.

Except Ponaryo, there are another popular names who following the course, they are Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto, Yeyen Tumena, Tony Ho, and I Putu Gede. Previously, Borneo FC's club president, Nabil Husein Said Amin revealed that Ponaryo will retire as player in the end of this season. The 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 is the last season in Ponaryo's football career as a player. Next, he plans to continue his career as a coach.

"Ponaryo wants to retire this season, he said that he wants to continue his career as the coach. He also takes this AFC A License Coaching Course because previously he had taken AFC B License Coaching Course." said Nabil.

Ponaryo has already showed his seriousness to have career as a coach. Ponaryo sometimes lead his team in a training session when Dragan Djukanovic was the coach of Borneo FC.

Although he is already 37-years old, actually Ponaryo is still physically good enough to compete in the competition. However, due to age regulation, Ponaryo has to think about his further career.

Ponaryo will get the AFC A license in the near future. That will makes Ponaryo can be the coach of the clubs in Go-jek Traveloka Liga 1. The former coach of Indonesia National Team, Ivan Venkov Kolev was actually surprised to know that Ponaryo will be a coach. Because Ponaryo recently still actively playing .

With Borneo FC, Ponaryo recorded 17 performances and gave 2 assists. "Who is the player you've mentioned who wants to be a coach? Ponaryo? Wow, it is incredible." said Kolev surprised.

Kolev supports Ponaryo's decision of being coach, because there is a leader character inside Ponaryo. Kolev had been Ponaryo's coach when in Indonesia National Team in 2007. He admitted that he is very proud that Ponaryo wants to be a coach.

This Bulgarian coach also said that Ponaryo will be a good Indonesian coach in the future. "Why not? Ponaryo has an amazing career as a footballer. He is smart And in my opinion, he can be the best coach in Indonesia. (DMZ/KOK)