Borneo FC U19 lead the standing of 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 U19 after beating Persipura Jayapura U19 in their last match on the first round of the competition in Group 3.

Pesut Etam Junior won 1-0 through a header ball by Andrian Khoirul in the 3rd minute of the match that held in Segiri Stadium, Samarinda on Wednesday (8/23).

There was a little friction happened in the match between Persipura Jayapura players and match officials. After the match, some of Persipura's player and their officials were chasing the referee to the stadium hallway.

Not only that, Borneo FC's team captain, Habibie even fell down after being hit by one of Persipura Junior's player. The situation was uncondusive, the players and the official from both of the team tried to calm atmosphere which was getting hotter. Habibie fell down, his head was hurt.

Although the match end with a little friction, Borneo FC's coach, Ricky Nelson was grateful for this victory because Borneo FC U19 managed to maintain their position in the top of the standing by collecting 13 points.

"I am so thankful that we can end this first round in the top standing and we have collected 13 points." he said.

Meanwhile, Habibie appreciated the hard work of his team who managed to break Persipura's attack. "I am so grateful for this victory. We were struggling for this victory, but we have to be better in the second round." he said. (DMZ/KOK)