The first round the east zone U-19 Liga 1 in group 3 has ended. Borneo FC U-19 finished in the top of the standing and collected 13 points. Followed by Mitra Kukar in the second place and collected 9 points.

On the second round, the Liga 1 officials offer Borneo FC as the host. However, the manager of Borneo FC U19, Awang Darmawan Zakaria refused that offer. He said that they have already tired organizing the first round of the U19 Liga 1. Because the team has many needs and spend so much to pay for the match officials and many other.

"We have a big cost to spend to pay the match officials, and other things but the feedback is only a little. Actually we are offered to be the host again, but it is better for us if we no longer hosting the competition. We will tell PT.Liga about this." said Awang in the Segiri Stadium, Samarinda on Wednesday (8/23).

Meanwhile, Borneo FC U-19's coach, Ricky Nelson revealed that it is better for the team to play outside their home base.

He thinks that the management is difficult to focus more to the team when they are the host. "When we play in another city, the management can be focused only on our team. They only have to spend for our hotel cost. That way we will be more focused on ourself. Because we think that play away from our home doesn't give a lot of influence to our team's performance." said Ricky.

Moreover, so far there are no club in the east zone that willing to host the second round of U19 Liga 1. "If no clubs want to host the second round of U19 Liga 1, the match can be held in a neutral place." said Ricky. (DMZ/KOK)