Borneo FC keep doing some preparation amid the list of injuries suffered by some of their players. Even more most of them are the mainstays of Borneo FC that usually played in most of the match of Borneo FC.

That condition weaken the team in their next match against Semen Padang on Thursday (8/31) at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda. Some of Borneo FC's players who suffered from injury are their Japanese defender,Kunihiro Yamashita, midfielder Wahyudi Hamisi to Jefri Kurniawan. They were seen sidelined in the training session yesterday.

Yamashita said that he still suffered the impact of the bump in their match against Persipura Jayapura. As well as Wahyudi Hamisi, he also suffered of calf muscle strain and this also made him to be substitute out in his last match.

Borneo FC's physiotheraphy, Lutfinanda Amary Seftiandi said that Yamashita Kunihiro must go to the hospital to check his injury. Because his left ribs looks red and it's hurt when he moves. "He still can train with us, but sometimes he complained of the pain. I have taken him to the hospital to check his condition." said Lutfi.

According to Lutfi, the player also wants to have a clear explanation about the injury to make sure that there is no problem with his bone. Considering the situation, Yamashita only trained on the sideline of the pitch. "So, I ask him to take a rest first. He also worried about his injury." he said.

While for Wahyudi Hamisi, Lutfi explained that this midfielder whose task is to block the opponent did play completely all out in the previous match against Persipura. Resulting to the muscle strain on his calf. He had recovered for a few days before the pain comes back again. "He finished the training session early today. Because we still have a long time before the match against Semen Padang, our players can use this time to rest and recovered from injuries.

However, Borneo FC got new strength with the comeback of Dinan Javier and Ricky Akbar Ohorella. Both of the players were seen in the trainning session after sidelined for about a month. "Yes, Ricky and Dinan are okay now." he ended. (HFZ/KOK)