Borneo FC will face two away matches against Semen Padang and Persegres Gresik United. Borneo FC bring twenty two players in their visit to Padang and Gresik.

The team secretary, Ridhotya Warman explained that the head coach of Borneo FC, Iwan Setiawan himself who decides to bring twenty two players. However, he did not mention the list of the players, he will tell the media tomorrow.

"Because we will face two away matches, so we bring many players, we have communicate this with the management." he said.

Being asked about the condition of some injured players, Ridhotya explained that those players are still under intensive observation by the physiotherapists. "Our physiotherapists always give progress report of the players condition and for some injured players are still taken care regularly by the physiotherapist in order to recover quickly." added Ridho.

As we know, Ricky Akbar Ohorella, Asri Akbar, and Kunihiro Yamashita are sidelined due to injury. Although, being haunted by the injuries, Borneo FC still optimstic to see their next match. "We think that the coach will prepare for the best scheme.

Borneo FC is scheduled to head to Padang in the morning flight on Tuesday (8/29). That means that the team must head to Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaimen airport early in the morning. They also hope that the long journey will not impact to the team's fitness.

"Yes, this is the reality that we should face on our away matches, beside thinking about the match we also have tho think of keeping the team's stamina in this long journey," ended Ridho. (AHS/KOK/*)