Borneo FC have arrived in Padang on Tuesday (8/29) afternoon. Borneo FC bring 22 players in order to maximize the result of their away this time.

The players' list are Muhammad Ridho, Leonard Tupamahu, Kunihiro Yamashita, Matheus Henrique Do Carmo Lopes, Abdul Rachman, Muhammad Rizky Yusuf Nasution, Terens Puhiri, Patrich Wanggai, Jefri Kurniawan, and Lerby Eliandri Pong Abu.

Besides there are also another names like Nadeo Argawinata, Firdaus Ramadhan, Zulvin M Zamrun, Arthur Daniel Irawan, Doddy Alfayed, Sultan Samma, Riswan Yusman, Dinan Yahdian Javier, Febri Setiadi Hamzah, Abdul Aziz Lutfi Akbar, Flavio Beck Junior, and Shane Smeltz.

"Alhamdulillah we've arrived in Padang. We transitted to Jakarta before flew to Padang. All players are in good condition althought there was an incident in Balikpapan that left trauma to some of our players." said Brillian Sanjaya, Borneo FC Media Officer.

An unpleasant thing happened to the team when the bus that carried the team to the airport in Balikpapan had a single vehicle accident near the Balikpapan Dr.Kanujoso Djatiwibowo Balikpapan General Hospital. The black bus got into a puddle resulting the bus driver to do a sudden braking that made all players and officials to thrown to the front.

With this incident, Borneo FC's team manager, Farid Abubakar who sat in the front row was thrown to the front and hit the bus front glass. The damage bus forced the official to find quick solution for the team, local public transportations were rented to bring the team to the Aji Muhammad Sulaiman airport on time.

"Unfortunately, our manager, Farid Abubakar was taken to the hospital to have a further check because he just had heart surgery last month, but alhamdulillah now he is getting better, he only got bruises on his back and his waist." explained Brillian. (BS) (BS/KOK)