The striker of Borneo FC Samarinda got called to join Indonesia National Team in the friendship match against Fiji at Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium in Bekasi on Saturday (9/2).

Lerby admitted that he is so happy to be called for National Team. Because he has long been waiting to join the national squad after he had joined the national team in the 2016 AFF Cup.

However, Lerby's fitness will be tested because of the tight schedule between Indonesia National Team's match and Borneo FC's away match in Go-jek Traveloka Liga 1. Two days before the match against Fiji, Lerby has to be focused on the away match of Borneo FC against Semen Padang on Thursday (8/3).

Two days after the match of Indonesia vs Fiji, Lerby will come back to join his friends in another away match of Borneo FC against Persegres Gresik. But Lerby ensures that he will still join the national squad, although he is late joining the team.

"I ask PSSI to coordinate first to the management of Borneo FC. I have no problem with the schedule, but I will fight with Borneo FC first, then after that I will focus to National Team. Which means after the match against Semen Padang, I will directly go to Jakarta." he said on Tuesday (8/29).

Lerby promises will give the best either for Indonesia National Team or Borneo FC. According to Lerby, he does not want to be half-hearted when fighting with the club or national team. He even said that he will give all of his ability in the match against Semen Padang and Fiji.

"Personally I will fight whole heartedly in both of the matches. I don't want to make people think that I only only give priority to National Team instead of Borneo FC or vice versa. Actually all players who got called have already gathered in Jakarta today, but I ask for permission to play with Borneo FC against Semen Padang first and after that I will fight with my team in Indonesia National Team against Fiji." he said.

So far, Lerby is the most productive striker in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 competition. He has scored 9 goals and 2 assists. Eventhough he is in the seventh position of top scorer, but Lerby still the most productive local player, followed by Greg Nwokolo who has scored 8 goals and Raphael Maitimo with 7 goals. (DMZ/KOK)