The fighting spirit that shown by Borneo FC's squad in their away match to Padang on Thursday (8/31) resulting a positive result.

Borneo FC Samarinda succeeded to pick one point from Semen Padang at Agus Salim stadium, Padang. Sultan Samma's equalizer goal saved Borneo FC from losing.This goal also made the score 1-1. Previously, Semen Padang was leading the math on the 60th minute through Ko Jae SUng

This achievement also appreciated by the Club President Haji Nabil Husein Said Amin. He tought that the result can help the squad in seeing their next match. He also said that the team's hardwork was to prove their quality. And it must be appreciated.
"Thank you for your hard work till the last minute, everyone must appreciate the team's hardwork,"he said.

Besides to boost the mental of the players, the draw result also help the team to see their next match. After away match in Padang, Borneo FC is scheduled to fly to Gresik, to have an away match against Persegres Gresik United.

The team have a big hope of defeating Persegres, considering the fact that Borneo FC not only can win in Segiri Stadium but also in their away match. "I hope it will be a good beginning to revive football enthusiasm in Samarinda again." ended Nabil. (AHS/KOK)