6.2 magnitude earthquake struck in the northeast of Mentawai Islands, West Sumatera. There is still no news report the damage caused by the earthquake. The quake happened at 12.06 Western Indonesian Time.

The quake made the entire squad of Borneo FC who were taking a rest after their match against Semen Padang on Thursday (8/31) afternoon to run outside the hotel. Some of the players even were shouting to wake up their team mates in other bedrooms.

Two Indonesian National Team's players who were called to join the team in the friendship match against Fiji on Saturday (9/2) were also worried about the possibility of the aftershocks and also tsunami. "I immediately asked Lerby to head downstair, moreover I saw a lot of people who get into their vehicle to head to a higher place." said Abdul Rachman who succesfully gave assist to Borneo FC's equalizer goal in the match against Semen Padang yesterday afternoon.

However, different from Abdul Rachman, Sultan Samma who has joined Borneo FC since the 2015 Jenderal Sudirman Cup already has experienced earthquake and knows how to deal with it. Because he had experienced the earthquake on the leg 2 semi final of the 2015 Jenderal Sudirman Cup in Padang.

"This time I can be calmer, two years ago, I also experienced earthquake in Padang, so I personally did not feel panic at all like when they fight against Semen Padang on the semifinal of Jendral Sudirman Cup in 2015." said Sultan Samma.

Borneo FC's team secretary, Ridhotya Warman also got a phone call from Semen Padang organising committee to check the condition of the squad's hotel. "Semen Padang head of organising committee phoned me to make our latest condition and alhamdulill everything is fine." said Ridho.

On the other hand, through the release of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) Minangkabau. The epicenter is located at 82 kilometers (km) from the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. The epicentrum coordinates are at 1.30 South Latitude and 99.66 east longitude with the depth of epicentrum 10 km. The earthquake has no potential for tsunami. (BS/KOK)