Coach of Borneo FC, Iwan Setiawan did not want to be satisfied only with one point they got in Padang. Because Pesut Etam still have another upcoming big match.

They even did not have enough time to rest after the match in Padang because they have to continue preparing for their next match against Persegres in Gresik, East Java on Monday (9/5). As the result, they must cancelled their plan on having a vacation to one of the beach in Padang, West Sumatera and let all the players to use the spare time to rest.

Iwan himself sees the one point in Padang is important to his team in seeing their next away match against Persegres."Perhaps, it will help us in seeing our next match against Persegres and other strong team like Bali United and Persib Bandung." said Iwan on Friday (9/1).

Iwan also told about the key to their positive result in Padang. According to him, he has already knew and can read the characteristic of Semen Padang which is very agressive. They anticipated it by practicing it in a one week simulation practice.

The result is very effective. Borneo FC's defensive line which was guarded by Kunihiro Yamashita could hold the offense of Marcel Sacramento. "We could hold and anticipate their attacks. Semen Padang is one of the football club with a good 1-2 touch and combination play. I see that they have already found a chemistry among Marcel, Irsyad Maulana, Mofu, and Riko Simanjuntak." he said.

Iwan denied that his team was only play safe by playing defensive strategy in the match against Semen Padang. According to Iwan, Borneo FC played with discipline and found the best moment to attack to Semen Padang's penalty box. This is a good way to hold Semen Padang's aggressiveness.

Iwan also put Semen Padang's statistics as the consideration, where Semen Padang is always get a good result when against another aggressive visitor teams. Iwan mentioned two clubs with a good, open, and aggressive style like Persipura Jayapura and Persib Bandung would make it easier for Semen Padang. "So we were just waiting for the right moment and a chance when Semen Padang gave their full pressure. That moment we used to make a good counterattack." he said.

Although the strategy rans effectively, Iwan assumes that the intensity of the game was far below their performance in the match against Persipura last week. Not only due to the host factor, but the weather factor also interfere with the performance of his team. Because kick off was on 03.45 p.m (Western Indonesian Time). Moreover, there was a heavy rain in the morning before the match, which resulting on a bad pitch.

"If I look to the intensity of their performance today was still far below. The weather was hot. The teams were not playing with high intensity game. But one thing that we are proud to them was that they understood that they are playing an important role in maintaining the organization of the game,"said Iwan. (AHS/KOK)