After picked one point in Padang, Borneo FC must continue their away match against Persegres Gresik United on Monday afternoon(9/4). Although Persegres is in the bottom position of the standing, but Pesut Etam themselves got their own problem. It is the absence of the two Brazilian duet, Flavio Beck Junior and Matheus Lopes due to card accumulation.

This situation has made coach Iwan Setiawan to find the sollution for this problem, to find the right substitute for both players. Because so far, these two Brazilian duet has been the mainstay for the team.

Matheus Lopes who is in the defense line with Kunihiro Yamashia. Meanwhile, Flavio is the midfield maestro of Borneo FC also has to skip the match. However, there are some options for substitute players.

In the defensive line, there is Firdaus Ramadhan who has enough experience of being a stopper. Other option is to put back Leonard Tupamahu to his real position and play Zulvin Zamrun on the right back. Then, to substitute in Flavio, there are some names such as Abdul Aziz Lutfi Akbar, and Wahyudi Hamisi Setiawan.

Wahyudi Hamisi was not brought to Padang in Borneo's previous match, but as the team get weaker, Tolle, Wahyudi Hamisi's nickname is asked to fly to Surabaya to join the team. "I am ready to play whenever. I put my trust on our coach, basically as a player, I have to be ready." he said.

Same with Tolle, Abdul Aziz also said that he has no problem whether to play from the first whistle blown or as a substitute player. "The most important thing is when trusted to play, we have to fight with our heart, being a substitute or not, there is only one thing in my mind, it is to give my best performance." ended Aziz. (HFZ/KOK)