Borneo FC must continue their long journey from Padang to Surabaya. Yamashita and his team mates have to face two away matches in a row. The team spent 7 hours on their way from Padang to Surabaya and soon after that the team had to train again.

The team must wake up on 04.00 am to catch the first flight. All players were sleepy when arrived at Minang Kabau Airport, then they have to transit to Jakarta before continue to Surabaya. They arrived in Jakarta at 08.00 am and then continue their flight to Surabaya at 09.30 a.m, thirty minutes after they arrived in Jakarta.

They arrived at the hotel at 12.00 p.m, then all players were asked to rest by the coach assistant, Ahmad Amiruddin and they were back to train on 04.00 p.m. Borneo FC only used futsal pitch for training because the training was purposed only to recover the team's fitness.

Borneo FC's coach, Iwan Setiawan said that he gave a break to his players after the match. Because all players got one day break on last Friday (9/1), so it is the time to get back on training. "But this time we only do the conditioning drills. To improve their endurance and also recover their fitness so they will be ready to fight again, and we have to be optimistic amid these tight schedules." said Iwan.

He also asked Borneo FC's fitness coach, Vladimir Krunic to take a bigger role. But he asked that muscle stretching can be done by yesterday afternoon. "Because we have to recovered the fine nerves after the match. And it can be done through this conditioning drills." said this former Persebaya's coach.

Beside, we also asked to Krunic to improve the team's power. Because the team need to be in a good shape between the tight schedules of these two matches, one way to improve the power is to improve the muscle strength. "I want the players to be ready on their next match."he said.

Meanwhile, although they will be playing in Gresik, the team choses to stay in Surabaya. It is purposed to get an easy access to some facilities for the team, such as training pitch and also the gym. "Yes, we are purposively stay in Surabaya so we will be easy to fulfill our needs." said Ridhotya Warman, Borneo FC's team secretary. (HFZ)