The chance for Borneo FC to end their bad record of never win an away match is wide opened on Monday (9/4) at Tri Darma Stadium, Petrokimia Gresik.

Against Persegres Gresik, Borneo FC is predicted to win the match. Moreover, in their previous matches, Persegres had always lost to their visitor at Tri Darma Stadium, Petrokimia Gresik. All that record bring them to the bottom of the standing where they collected 7 points, once win, and four times draw.

However, Iwan Setiawan admits that he does not like this condition. Because, many people will predict that Borneo FC will easily win over Persegres, he afraid that anytime his team can be so arrogant. This is what worries him.

"A match against Persegres definitely is not an easy match for us, where people's opinion spread that Persegres is a weak team, because they previously lost in their home matches. But for me, that is our problem and also homework four us, Borneo FC." he said.

For that reason, he asks his team to show their spirit of the spartans. Besides he also reminds his team to not underestimate their opponent's bad record. We have to manage our mentality, keep concentrated, stay focused before starting the battle, where in my opinion is this is a battle to fight ourselves." he added.

Iwan himself admits that so far there is no problem in communication with the players. As well as in using the playing scheme. Moreover, previously Iwan had a good track record with Borneo FC by getting two trophies (Divisi Utama 2014 and 2016 Gubernur Kaltim Cup.

"Alhamdulillah, for me coming back to Borneo FC is like coming home, I have found the chemistry with this team, how is the management, and how is the team itself. And then with the recent condition of Borneo FC, the majority of their players had worked with me before. So,I have no problem in develop the tactical planning. If they ask who are the players that had not been with me before, maybe only the foreign players that had not worked with me before, but not with the local players, most of them had been worked with me before." he ended. (AHS/KOK)