Borneo FC finally got their first away winning in the competition of 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1. Borneo FC defeated Persegres 0-1. One goal from Lerby Eliandri took Pesut Etam to victory in 18th minute of the match.

In this match, Borneo squad played a bit offensive performance creating a different scheme to their previous match. On the other hand, Persegres also showed the same performance to Borneo FC. Even, early in the match, Patrick da Silva shot on goal, but fortunately M.Ridho could save his goal.

Slowly Borneo FC Samarinda started to rule the match. The aggressive scheme that applied by coach Iwan Setiawan succeed to make the defensive sector of Gresik United to work harder.

The effort of Borneo FC Samarinda took them to succesfully lead since the 18th minute of the match. Lerby Eliandri performed bicycle kick in front of Persegres Gresik United's goalie Fitrul Dwi Rustapa.

This boost the spirit of the team. Borneo FC played offensively and almost to double their goal. But unfortunately, it was not easy to do penetration to Gresik United's defensive again.

In the other side, Gresik United also fought hard equalize the position. Although they tried to equalize the position through increasing the intensity of the game, Gresik United meet a dead end, so the first half Borneo FC led the match 1-0.

On the second half, the host still increased their offense meanwhile Pesut Etam squad did not do any change of their tactics and strategies. Jusmadi and his team kept doing the effort to equalize the position. But Kunihiro Yamashita did a good defense.

Golden chance for Gresik United happened in 71st minute through Yusuke Kato's shoot. He took a chance from corner kick and then kick the ball from the penalty box, but still failed by Borneo FC's goalie, M.Ridho.

Three minutes later, Borneo FC samarinda started to slow down the match tempo, and decided to strengthen their defense while once in a while did a counterattack. This change was used by Gresik United as a chance to press the defensive line of Borneo FC Samarinda, but it turned in vain.

Before the match was over, M.Ridho again did an amazing save for tipping Yusuf Effendi's shot from distance and secure the 1-0 victory for Borneo FC Samarinda.

Coach of Borneo FC, Iwan Setiawan admitted that he was happy and satisfied with the result achieved by his team. But he also will give some notes to his team so they can doing evaluation. "Alhamdulillah we picked three points, but there were some things that still need to be evaluated for the team. I will discuss about it with the team later," said Iwan in the press conference.

However, he said that the result was worth it because he has just become the coach for Borneo FC. In this match, he could finally see the quality of the substitute players of Borneo FC. "We still got homework to be done," said Iwan.

Meanwhile, Zulvin Zamrun representing his team, admitted that he was grateful for this victory. This victory is special because most of the players are local players. "In this way we are more confident with the ability between players, "said Zulvin.

Besides, according to Zulvin, in this match, Borneo FC's players played as a whole team, not individuals. "We played for Borneo FC, not for ourselves," ended Zulvin.

With the result, Borneo FC Samarinda collected 32 points and is on the 10th position of the standing of Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1. The next match will be a match against a club who is in the top standing of Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1, Bali United. (HFZ/KOK)