Could not display their two foreign players, Flavio Beck Junior and Matheus Lopes who were suspended due to yellow card accumulation, forced coach of Borneo FC Samarinda Iwan Setiwan to arrange tactics and strategy. Luckily the performance of these young players were satisfying.

Meanwhile, in the defensive line of Borneo FC Samarinda, Coach Iwan put Firdaus Ramadhan and played Zulvin Zamrun in the right back. While Leonard Tupamahi was kept as the back up players if one of the two centre back got injured.

To Firdaus and Rizky, last match was their first match with Pesut Etam. Even, Rizky added that it was his debut in the highest level of the football competition in Indonesia after previously competed in Liga 2. Overall, Iwan was satisfied with the performance of his debut players. "Yes, this is good. We can put this into consideration in set up formation," said Iwan.

Iwan also praised the persistence of these youngster where they proved their ability and could make a good impression for the team. In that way, there will be many option for the coach to set up formation in the next match. "Surely the players should keep learning and increasing their performance." he ended. (HFZ/KOK)