The president of Borneo FC Samarinda, Nabil Husein Said Amin responded to the statement of Borneo FC's head coach, Iwan Setiawan to the U-18 squad of Indonesia National team who is under the coach Indra Sjafrie.

As reported, Iwan Setiawan predicts that the young Garuda will fail in the competition of 2017 AFF U-18 in Myanmar. Because of this news, Borneo FC is also in the spot light.

"Related to that news of coach Iwan Setiawan's statement, I apologize. It's a shame," tweeted Nabil in his personal twitter account.

For that reason, Borneo FC Samarinda is ready to take an action related to the impact of that statement. In fact, when signing contract with Borneo FC Samarinda in the beginning of the second round, this former coach of Persebaya Surabaya has agreed to obey the contract clause, which one of its point is to keep the good image of Borneo FC.

"The club will not remain silent, because we have a deal (sanction) in the contract, which happened if coach Iwan cannot keep the good name of the club," added Nabil.

Furthermore, Borneo FC Samarinda have asked coach Iwan Setiawan to be focused only to the achievements' of Borneo FC, like when he was succeed to brought Borneo FC as the winner of 2014 Divisi Utama Liga Indonesia and 2016 Gubernur Kaltim Cup.

"Because it is inappropriate for us to comment, it is better for us to just focus on our club rather than meddling in other people's concern. Once again, I personally apologizing for it," ended Nabil. (AHS/KOK/*)