Borneo FC Samarinda U-17's plan to compete in the 2017 Suratin Cup East Kalimantan Zone is likely to be cancelled. Because there is a rule that allow only one representative for each city.

Different rule applied in Java Island where all pro football club could submit their junior team to join the 2017 Suratin Cup, as mentioned in the circular letter of PSSI, but different things happened in East Kalimantan.

"For Suratin Cup, East Kalimantan only allowed to be represented by one team, the slot for Suratin Cup in East Kalimantan has already taken by Askot PSSI Samarinda, same with another city who represented by their local Askot," explained Awang Darmawan, the Manager of Youth Borneo FC Samarinda.

The inconsistency of the rule set by the committee of 2017 Suratin Cup, especially for the committee of Asprov East Kalimantan. This decision is disadvantageous for Borneo FC Samarinda. Because Borneo FC Samarinda had prepared their team in the last four years. They even recruited Muhammad Arifin Syafril, the AFC C licensed coach.

"It's obviously not good for our team. The club has spent a lot of money to develop these young talents. Because in Borneo FC Samarinsa there is a youth development for the young talents and led by the head coach Ricky Nelson, the AFC-A licensed coach. We have U-15, U-17, and U-19. It will be dissappointing for us if we don't compete in the national championship because of such rule," he said. (AHS/KOK)