The Coach of Borneo FC, Iwan Setiawan finally apologize for his statement related to the Indonesian National Team U-19 where Iwan was said to be wishing the squad to fail in the competition of 2017 AFF U-18 Youth Championship in Myanmar. However, in the match Indonesia National Team won 2-1 over Myanmar.

Confirmed about that, Iwan said that he only gave his prediction about the match, and did not have any intention to wish Indonesia National Team U-18 to fail in the youth championship. "I have no intention to wish Indoneia National to fail in the competition. Because it was innapropriate," said Iwan in the press conference in Borneo FC's office on Wednesday (9/6/2017).

The chronology of coach Iwan's tweet happened after Borneo FC won their away match 1-0 by defeated Persegres Gresik United on the week 23 of the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1. Surabaya local media then suddenly swarming around coach Iwan. Various questions were asked on that day. Some question were asked until he was made to give a prediction of Indonesia National Team.

Seeing the performance of Indonesia National team U-19, Iwan said that there will be more difficult opponent in their next match. So they will have a little chance. Because other competitor like Vietnam and Thailand are more well-prepared than Indonesia.

Iwan affirms that he only said according to the data and facts. He said that he once had a chance to go to Vietnam to study and see with his own eyes

The program were neaty arranged from morning to evening. All aspects started from mental readiness until the training need to be practice with high discipline. That pattern still could not be compared with what Garuda Muda have done during their team development.

"I personally apologize to all Pusamania and Borneo FC's management if my statement was inappropriate. I am ready to accept sanctions if it is proven guilty in accordance with the contract clause, "said Iwan.

The point from his statement was that he still confident that he is capable to take care of Indonesia National Team U-19 which was recently led by Indra Sjafri. Although known with his blunt statement, Iwan is still one of professional coach in Indonesia.

Although not talking about tactics, Iwan admits, that he has the solution to achieve better result in the competition. The process also will be more organized if he is recruited as the new coach of Indonesian National Team U-19. "I want to built the players' mentality. Their lifestyle must be organized. For example, if they are muslim, they have to worship obediently. Their spiritual must goes along with their fighting spirit," said Iwan.

Meanwhile the management of Borneo FC, Farid Abubakar as the manager still gathering proof of evidence whether Iwan is guilty or not. If he was indicated to be guilty, he will get sanction. "The sanction can be a warning, absence to accompany the team, and to be fired. But so far, our relationship to coach Iwas is close enough. We've known each other so far," said Farid.

Farid sure that Iwan's statement was only a gimmick. Because the question about National Team was outside his concern. "Maybe what he has said is only input for the team. There are some aspects that need to evaluate. Borneo FC have undestand Iwan's characters."

Farid added they can take lesson from what coach Iwan's done. In the future, the team want Iwan to be more careful with his words in responding to the media. "We asked coach Iwan to be more focused only to Borneo FC. We still have so many matches to win," he ended. (ARIB/KP)