Players of Borneo FC Samarinda were visiting SMK Negeri 1 Samarinda. The reason of they are doing that is to make all Borneo FC Samarinda's players getting closer to the people of Samarinda. And at once is as their effort to do the team's branding image to youngster.

Chief Marketing of Borneo FC Samarinda, M Novi Umar said that the cooperation is done through the students council of SMK Negeri 1 Samarinda and also the school itself. The main goal is to promote Borneo FC so they will be known to everyone in this city, including schools. "We usually contact the student council and then they will connected us with the school. We hope that it can be our positive interaction between the club and various parties," said Novi.

He explained, that the program named 'Borneo Goes To School' has been held since three years ago. But, this time the event was more enthusiastics. Especially for the school. "We are happy. We want to interact and sharing positive motivation. Because there are many youngster in Samarinda who has potential talent in football," he said

On that yesterday event, Borneo players such as Lerby Eliandri, M,Ridho, and Diego Michiels were most hunted players to take photo with. Besides giving a bit coaching clinic, the players also were doing Q&A session with the students."We want the teenagers to be close with the team, where before they can only see the players from distant now they can finally meet and can take a photo with the players too," he said.

Furthermore, Borneo FC's players will visit another schools. They plan on doing the roadshow before their home match because that is the time where all players gathered in Samarinda. "So far the players are having fun doing this program. Specially to this visit to SMK Negeri 1, everyone is very enthusiast," he said.

Novi admits that he will keep innovating the new program for the team. He and the management still have to get around to prepare another program which will developed as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). "Every year we must have a new idea to make a breakthrough not only a program like coaching clinic. Alhamdulillah we always try to do that," he ended. (HFZ/KOK)