After taking Borneo FC Samarinda to got four points in their two last matches, this time Iwan Setiawan's ability in arranging strategy is challenged again. This time he is challenged by the team's of coach widodo Cahyono Putra.

Ahead to this match, Iwan Setiawan explains that he has done several preparations for the matc. He also does not hesitate to praise their opponent's power. According to him, Bali United recently is the team in Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 with has the best composition.

"Special for Bali United, I think it is the match that needed a full concentration, one focus, if we Borneo FC Samarinda want to win tomorrow match. We all know that so far Bali United is the best team in perfomance, so we really have to be focused, work harder, and we have to keep discipline to get maximum points in tomorrow match," explain coach Iwan who was succeed to take Borneo FC Samarinda to be the winner of Liga Indonesia Divisi Utama on 2014.

Iwan also put attention on the composition of their opponent. He explains that the Serdadu Tridatu squad (Bali United's nickname) will perform a solid performance because they have understand each other's characters. "Who are the players which need to be anticipated? Sure there are some of them. They have a lot of special players. What is interesting about Bali United is that some of their noticeable players are they who have already found their chemistry, so we try to anticipate that, by doing the tactical strategy which will not make Bali United's predominance to be shown," he added.

"Since we were back from Gresik, honestly I have watched the match record of Bali United, there are some evaluation to the weakness and the superiority of Bali United. So in our preparation training ahead of Bali United, we're doing that, I said that to the simulation team, we find how to play Bali United, how they play in defendeing and also in attacking. We've learned all those, so finally there is a conclusion, we try to anticipate that. Inshaallah the result is maximum, hopefully the team can applied it on the pitch tomorrow," ended Iwan. (AHS/KOK)