Borneo FC Samarinda's appeal towards PSSI Discipline Committee for the suspension of Diego Michiels in 6 matches and to 25 millions rupiahs fine is accepted.

Being asked for that matter, the Manager of Borneo FC, Farid Abubakar explains that Diego Michiels's suspension is officially over. He is free of any sanction and he can play with Pesut Etam squad on the match against Bali United on September 11th.

"Yes, it's true. We made an appeal to the PSSI Appeal Committee, the suspension of Diego Michiels is reduced from 6 matches into 4 matches. It means he can play against Bali United. But we have to pay 75 millions rupiahs fine, it's bigger than before, before we made an appeal we have to pay 25 millions rupiahs fine. But it is the risk when we make an appeal, they can exacerbating or reduce the sanction," he added.

Diego himself on the official training a day before the match was looked to have followed the team's playing scheme. He is put as the left fullback replacing Abdul Rachman who is on yellow cards accumulation. "In the match coordination meeting yesterday we have explained about Diego to the match officials and Bali United, administratively and with the team, all has been cleared. Diego is ready to play," ended Farid. (AHS/KOK)