Borneo FC Samarinda will face a hard match on the week 23 of the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 on Monday evening, September 11th, 2017. This time Pesut Etam will fight against Bali United.

The team under the coach Widodo Cahyono Putra is now in the big three of the standing, together with Bhayangkara FC and PSM Makassar. Nevertheless, Borneo FC Samarinda is on a mission to hold their ambition in Segiri Stadium, Samarinda.

Iwan Setiawan, the coach of Borneo FC Samarinda explains that he has been waiting to this moment for a long time. According to him, to defeat Bali United, besides the matter of prestige, it will also help the team to get into the upper line of the standing.

"We have to agree first that Bali United is the best team at this time in terms of performance in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1, but that does not mean we can not defeat them, we've watched the recording of Bali United match, and we've been training to exploit their weakness gap, it will be interesting match, "said Iwan Setiawan.

In this match, Borneo FC Samarinda must lose some of their mainstay players such as Abdul Rachman and Firdaus Ramadan who are absent due to the yellow cards accumulation. Luckily, Asri Akbar and Diego Michiels can be played in this match. "This will be a come back for Asri who just recovered from injury, while Diego certainly can play because our appeal of the sanction granted by the PSSI Appeal Commission," added this AFC-A licensed coach.

Iwan Setiawan was hoping for the support of the fans Borneo FC Samarinda in this fight. He explained although formerly Bali United is the club from Samarinda (PS Putra Samarinda), but currently the football club who is struggling in the name of Samarinda is Borneo FC Samarinda. "So it should be Borneo FC who get extraordinary support from the citizens of Samarinda," he added.

Meanwhile, Bali United's coach, Widodo Cahyono Putro highlighted Borneo FC Samarinda front line which Borneo FC Samarinda have Lerby Eliandri in that position. According to the former coach of Sriwijaya FC, he appreciates Lerby's achievement as a local striker in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 at this time.

"I'm very appreciative of what Lerby has done so far, I am very proud of him who is a Indonesian local player and has scored 10 goals. He is currently able to compete with a row of foreign strikers. I also saw Lerby scored a spectacular goal in Gresik," explained Widodo.

Furthermore, Widodo also pay attention to Borneo FC Samarinda's sturdy defensive line. Same with Iwan, he also admits to have a special scheme in this match, however he did not want to tell about the scheme they will use today.

"We know that Borneo FC Samarinda has a good conceded record when playing in Segiri Stadium. I surely already have tactic to deal with it, but it is not for media consumption. Let's just see in the match tomorrow (tonight)," he ended. (AHS)