Borneo FC Samarinda failed to win the match against Bali United in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda. Although they showed spartan spirit during the match, no goals were created, the result 0-0 lasted until the long whistle blown.

The result was regretted by Borneo FC Samarinda's players, one of them is Diego Michiels. He thinks that as the host of the match, they should have won the match. On the other hand, the Maluku-Dutch blooded player also said that in football anything could happen.

"I think for today, we play at our home so we should have won the match, but honestly this result of 0-0 is fair enough," said Diego.

Diego also paid attention to the intensity of the match. Both Borneo FC Samarinda and Bali United according to him were all playing an entertaining match, because played the game in high tension. "We have worked hard and so have they, they could have won the match, and we could have won the match too, but the final result said that we couldn't win this match," he added.

On the other hand, Diego had a chance to have a reunion with some other players from Netherlands. In Bali United, there are a Netherland's quarter, they are Irfan Bachdim, Stefano Lilipaly, Sylvano Comvalius, and Nick van der Velden. Responding to that, Diego admits that he is happy about that, he explains that he often communicated to them during the match. However, about the competition on the pitch, he admits that they agreed to not to give in. "Yes, it's very exciting to meet them, we enjoyed the game," he ended. (AHS/KOK)