Not only actively pursuing the achievements in the competition, Borneo FC Samarinda also shown their concern and participation to the education world. As one of the professional football club in East Kalimantan, Borneo FC Samarinda have an obligation of introducing professional football extensively, especially to the kids.

For that reason, when the proposal about the visit of TK Selyca accepted, the management of Borneo FC Samarinda was very enthusiastic about that. There were 64 students that were divided into two large groups. The students were taken to do a stadium tour on Wednesday (9/13) afternoon. They were introduced to the details of football outside the match on the football pitch, and also were introduced to the function of each room in the stadium.

The Vice Chief Marketing of Borneo FC Samarinda, Reza Katamsi added that this visit was the second visit that the team got. Previously, in February 2015, the students of TK Al Kautsar visited the home base of Pesut Etam. "But we did it more exciting for this time, so that it becomes more interesting and give more advantages." he explained.

"We took them to the press conference room and also locker room. We explained to them what are football players do in that room. So we had a simulation of press conference. The students were very happy and enthusiastic." he added.

Besides, the students of TK Selyca also were introduced to the first aid given to the injured player. Borneo FC Samarinda's physiotherapist, Lutfinanda Amary Septiandi gave the material for this session. Lutfi even did practice to the students of TK Selyca about how to handle the cramps and injured player.

According to Reza, the demonstration will be useful and gave the students more knowledge about the football player profession, which using their feet as the assets the precious given by God to them. Reza also said that Borneo FC Samarinda is very welcoming towards the visit of TK Selyca to their home base. He also said that it is a real proof that Borneo FC Samarinda is loved by the people of Samarinda.

"This is the proof that Borneo FC Samarinda is so close with the people of Samarinda. We were surprised because some of the students had already worn Borneo FC's jersey. We were happy with that, because that way Borneo FC Samarinda will be known in Samarinda society," said Reza.

Not only that, in the end of the session the students got the chance to interact with Borneo FC Samarinda's players. One of Borneo FC's player, Diego Michiels was enthusiastic in interacted with the students who wanted to take photo with him and got his autograph. "I am very happy to meet them, I hope they can be successfull and healthy kids in the future." ended Diego Michiels. (DMZ/AHS/KOK)