Some of Pesut Etam's player were looking enthusiastic and enjoying the Borneo FC Goes to School program in SMK Negeri 14 at Jl.Haji A.M Rifaddin, Simpang Pasir, Palaran, Samarinda on Thursday morning (9/14).

After received a lively greeting, one by one Borneo FC's players friendly greet all students of SMKN 14 Samarinda. Terens Puhiri, Sultan Samma, Leo Tupamahu, Patrich Wanggai, Nadeo Argawinata, Yamashita Kunihiro, and goalkeeping coach, Luizinho Passos, all of them took turns in greeting hundreds of students.

Even their two foreign player and goalkeeper coach, Yamashita and Luizinho Passos said a greeting in bahasa Indonesia correctly but still sounded a little funny. The funniest moment is when Yamashita said terima kasih which sounded like 'terima gaji'. That made everyone laugh.

One of the player received most hysterical response, he was the goalkeeper of Borneo FC, Nadeo Argawinata. Most of female students who were being hysterical to see Nadeo performance closely.

Nadeo's charm has already shown even before he said the greeting. Nadeo who comes from Kediri appeared with trendy look with a casual red t-shirt, jogger pants, and black sneakers. One of the hysterical girl who was mesmerized by Nadeo's charm even said, "Nadeo is very good looking, he has fair skin and tall, moreover he can play football well. He even more charming than Aliando," said the female student to her friends.

Not only greet the students of SMKN 14, Nadeo also showed his ability as a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper who idolizes David De Gea also was giving a coachinf clinic to two students about how to react when facing one on one with the opponent. "We should keep calm in front of the opponent team. Beware of the direction of the ball is kicked," said Nadeo. (DMZ/KOK)