Borneo FC held Goes to School to SMKN 14 Samarinda, East Kalimantan on Thursday (9/14).

The students sang "Selamat Datang Borneo FC" to welcome Terens Puhiri, Sultan Samma, Leo Tupamahu, Patrich Wanggai, Nadeo Argawinata, Yamashita Kunihiro, and the goalkeeping coach Luizinho Passos. The school which located on Jalan Haji AM Rifaddin, Palaran Main Stadium Complex was boisterous when Borneo FC squad arrived in their school yard.

Their arrival in SMKN 14 was welcomed with the special Dayak dance which were presented by the students of SMKN 14. Borneo FC's Japanese fullback, Yamashita Kunihiro admitted that he was amazed seeing the performance. Occassionally, he took a chance to took out his phone and recorded the dance. "Selamat pagi. Apa kabar?" said Yamashita which was greeted loudly by the students of SMKN 14 Samarinda.

In the program, Borneo FC squad gave a little simple coaching clinic in the schoolyard. All players taught some technique in football based on their position. After that the program continued to the Q&A (questions & answers) sessions and took photograph together. (DMZ/KOK)