The President of Borneo FC Samarinda, Nabil Husein Said Amin finally speaks about the serious accusation towards himself after the match against Bali United in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 last Monday (9/11). He was accused for doing intimidation to the match officials after the match.

Even in the copy of PSSI Disciplinary Committee's decision number 088/L1/SK/KD-PSSI/IX/2017 is written that Nabil Husein was doing intimidation and said rude words towards the match officials. Confirmed about that, Nabil Husein denied that accusation. "It is not true. I never said 'I can pay you!' to the referee. What I really said was 'who has paid you?' that has different meaning if we read completely," he said.

"Some of my words has been changed and are not fully explained in the letter, so that it leads to the bad opinion, whereas what I said was actually to uphold the quality of our football," added Nabil.

Nabil also denied of doing the intimidation, the charge is not fundamental, moreover it was decided without first listening to the clarification from Borneo FC. "How can they say that I was doing an intimidation, I did not hit anyone, I only asked them and strangely the decision was taken one sidedly without giving a chance to us to any opportunity to defend or clarify, the Disciplinary Committee knows that the way they work was not right." he explained.

"I feel that there was a party who is unhappy with Borneo FC, when I asked, then I was judged, but my main goal is for the league to be better, Insya Allah with this incident, our league will be better and honest," he said.

On the other hand, Nabil aslso questioned about the purpose of the arrival of the foreign referees in Liga Indonesia. He explained that, their side is very supportive if the use of foreign referee could develop the match quality, however in reality their side think that the performance of foreign referees were not as good as expected. Because, loaded with hidden agenda.

"What is the purpose of bring in these foreign referees to Indonesia? It is for improvement, isn't it? So let's work fair. What had happened that time was not the purpose of using them in the league. It was unfair, once again it was not about the result, but it is the matter of honesty in leading the game. For me, no matter if we lose, held draw, or win, we need to accept the result no matter what but the last match was so unfair," ended Nabil.

Meanwhile, Borneo FC has proposed appeal towards the decisison of PSSI Disciplinary Committee. The letter has sent to the PSSI Appeal Committee on Thursday (9/14) morning. While waiting for the decision of the Appeal Committee, Borneo FC continue to practice and prepare themselves for their next match against Bhayangkara FC on September 20th. (AHS/KOK)