The impact of the sanction that given by the PSSI Disciplinary Committee to Borneo FC Samarinda related to the accusation of intimidating the referee after their match against Bali United, Borneo FC Samarinda did not stay silent. Besides they quickly submit an appeal, they also quickly find a stadium as their temporary home base.

And in order to find the temporary home base, the management of Borneo FC Samarinda also hunting for some stadium which can be use as their homebase. As we know, Borneo FC Samarinda has four home matches in the near future. The matches are against Persiba Balikpapan (9/25), PSM Makassar (10/8). Persela Lamongan (10/19) also the postponed match against Persib Bandung.

"There are some alternatives. Moreover, Kalimantan has so many representative stadium, such as in Bontang and Balikpapan. But we also consider to use Marora Stadium in Serui," said Farid Abubakar, the manager of Borneo FC Samarinda.

If Borneo FC Samarinda are going to use Marora Stadium, their opponents will have to go through uneasy trip to there. Because the transportation cost and accomodation of the clubs to Serui is quite big for the financial of the Indonesian football club.

"Yes, let us play far away from Samarinda. But it still our alternative. The management still considering and thinking about which stadium to use." he continued. "Our club president also knows our plan to use stadium in Serui, for now we still have further communication if we are going to borrow Perseru Serui's homebase," he said.

Being asked about the recent condition of the team, Farid stated that all players are totally unaffected by the fall of the sanctions. Players can not get direct support from supporters, but Farid believes professional players are ready to play under any circumstances.

"Our preparation is not disturbed at all. They have strong mentality to play anywhere. One example is, yesterday when they know the match against Persib postponed, they say why we not just hold the match at Persib's homebase? That signifies their spirit is very doubled," he said. (SP/KOK)