The match of Borneo FC against Persib Bandung in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 is officially postponed. The match supposed to be held on Saturday evening (9/11) in Segiri Stadium, Samarinda. The postpone happened two days before kick off, as the result of the one sided sanction given to Borneo FC by PSSI Disciplinary Committee where Borneo FC Samarinda are suspended to play at their own base for four matches.

The postpone of the match make Pesut Etam squad to focus on their another match. The manager of Borneo FC, Farid Abubakar siad that the team is ready to look on the next match against Bhayangkara FC in Patriot Candrabhaga, Bekasi on Wednesday (9/20).

"Our team still do the training for the preparation of the next match against Bhayangkara FC. Yes, we have to arrange different pattern again in the training, because we have different opponent this time," said Farid in Segiri Stadium, Samarinda on Friday (9/15).

According to Farid, he actually regrets the postpone of the match against Persib because his team has done some preparation and are ready to fight against Maung Bandung. "Actually our players are ready to fight against Persib. They even joked about going to Bandung and hold the match in Bandung instead. But they are only joking, it implied that they all are ready whatever the conditions," said Farid.

Nevertheless, Farid confirmed that the postpone of the match did not give any influence on the team. Now the team are having their regular training drills and keep improving their preparation. "The mentality of our players are good and they are all professional players. Wherever the match will be held, I think they will be ready. They have the spirit of the fighter and are ready for all that," he said.

Against Bhayangkara FC, Borneo FC squad ensure to perform with full team. Some players who were absent in the previous matches, are able to join the team in the match against Bhayangkara FC. Abdul Rachman also will return to join Pesut Etam squad in the left defensive area. (DMZ/KOK)