Borneo FC head to Bekasi to challenge Bhayangkara FC on Wednesday (9/20) afternoon. The team set a target of picking point from the leader of the standings.

The manager of Borneo FC, Farid Abubakar said that after the match against Persib Bandung postponed, Borneo FC changed their strategy for the preparation of the match against Evan Dimas and his team.

He believes that all players are ready to fight and can steal some points at Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi. "We are already in preparation for the match against Bhayangkara FC and the coaches also have decided the composition of the players that will be brought to Bekasi," said Farid.

Borneo FC make sure that so far all players are in good shape, but this time they only bring 21 players. "It's the decision of the coach staffs, so I receive the players' list from the coach staffs," he said.

In the last days of their preparation in Samarinda, Coach Iwan Setiawan tried the simulation by dividing the team into two small teams. It seemed that he has a strategy by asking his team to play defensive football and do the counter attack when they get the ball.

Farid also hopes that all players can play as a team. Considering their opponent is the leader of the standings and also have good quality players, so a good teamwork will be the key to get points. "I hope the team can play collectively in their next match," said Farid.

The team had arrived in Bekasi. Then, all players will have training on Tuesday (9/19) morning and also do the pitch trial. "And we will have the match on Wednesday afternoon, and based on the plan, the match will be broadcasted live. But we cannot ensure that it will be live, we will wait for further confirmation with MCM later on," he said.

Recently Bhayangkara FC has collected 49 points which put them on the top of the standings. Meanwhile, Borneo FC is still on the 11th position of the standings and collected 33 points. The match will be difficult to Pesut Etam squad, because Bhayangkara FC also on a mission to revenge their defeat at Segiri Stadium on the first round of this season. (HFZ/KOK)