Borneo FC Samarinda must hold their ambition in picking points at Bhayangkara FC's homebase on the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1 match at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi on September 20th.

The team defeated 2-1 by the host team. Bhayangkara FC won the game after their two controversial goals.

As known before, Pesut Etam squad and also Bhayangkara FC played with high pressure in the match, it made the match became more interesting. Both team took turns in attacking each other. But unfortunately, the referee messed up the situation.

The first half of the match ended with a 0-0 draw, goal finally created by the host team in 60th minute of the match by Ilija Spasojevic. However, the goal was a controversial because it looked like it was offside. Because three of Bhayangkara FC's players were caught in camera to being inside the offside trap. However, the decision of the referee, Apriasman Aranda was not changed. He still allowed the goal and left Borneo FC Samarinda with 1-0.

This situation made Borneo FC Samarinda even crazier to chase Bhayangkara FC's lead. They gave full pressure to Bhayangkara FC by using the remaining time, and also put on extra power by substitute in Shane Smeltz and Sultan Samma, finally Pesut Etam squad could equalize the position.

Through Terens Puhiri's offensive thrust in the 81st minute, his cutback ball could be converted into a goal by Shane Smeltz, the goal equalized the position of both teams.

Unfortunately, four minute before the match ended, the referee Apriasman Aranda from Padang considered Diego Michiels to do foul inside the penalty box. He pointed at the twelve yards box and gave yellow card to Diego. In fact, in the match's record, there were no foul happened previously. The penalty kick was executed by Otavio Dutra and changed the position into 2-1, which the result lasted until the end of the match.

Responding to that, coach Iwan Setiawan looked very dissappointed with the result. He said if the quality of football in Indonesia is still like this, it is not good for the development of our national team. "We are far behind other countries, if we keep it like this, we will stay the same, because there is a huge different in quality between our football and our neighbourhood countries," said Iwan.

Wahyudi Hamisi also has the same opinion with his coach. After the match, he also doubt the performance of the referee. "When the first goal created, I asked to the assistant referee that there were three players who were offside, but he said there were only two players, so what do you think?" he explained.

With this result, Borneo FC Samarinda still did not manage to break through the top 10 of the standings. Pesut Etam stayed in the 11th position of the standing and collected 33 points. In their next match, Borneo FC Samarinda will meet Persiba Balikpapan on September 25th, 2017. Considering the status of Borneo FC Samarinda that are suspended to hold the match within the radius of 100 km from Samarinda. So the match will be held in the Mulawarman Stadium, Bontang. "It is no problem for us to play anywhere, our team's mentality is strong. We are ready to fight anywhere," ended coach Iwan Setiawan. (AHS/KOK)