The 2-1 defeat of Borneo FC Samarinda against the host team, Bhayangkara FC two days ago has left a deep wound to Indonesian football. The referee's bad calls advantaged the host team on that match.

The first controversial incident happened when the referee allowed Ilija Spasojevic's goal while from the match record it was seen that Spaso had already in an offside position. However, the assistant referee did not consider it as an offside.

All Borneo FC's players protested the referee's decision because they felt that their team was disadvantaged with the referee's decision. One of the player that protested was Wahyudi 'Tole' Hamisi. He told the assistant referee that three Bhayangkara FC's players had already in an offside position.

"Sir, don't you see that there are three players who have already in offside positions?" he said to the assistant referee. The the assistant referee replied, "No, they are not. There are only two," said Tole imitated the assistant referee.

If the assistant referee considered that two players were offside then why did they allowed Bhayangkara FC's goal. In fact, based on the rule, if one player is trapped in offside position although they scored a goal, the goal must be disallowed. "I am so disappointed and also feeling annoyed with the referee's decision. Why are they not be honest?" he complained.

The referee ignored the players' protest towards his decisions and kept the match to continued. In the remaining time before the host team's leading, Borneo FC had equalized the position in the 82th minute of the match, the goal was scored by Shane Smeltz through the passing from Terens Puhiri.

A few minute before the match ended, the referee Aprisman Aranda again did a controversial call. The upper ball collision between Diego Michiels and Ilija Spasojevic did not touch both players' head. The ball flew away swiftly and was considered as a handball. The hard protests from the players received.

Unfortunately, the complaints were ignored. The penalty kick awarded to Bhayangkara FC was taken by the referee. Pesut Etam was defeated and it was worsen by by the red card given to Diego Michiels. Because he was strongly kick Spasojevic from the back.

Not only Tole, coach Iwan Setiawan also criticize the referee with their bad calls. Especially in Borneo FC's match. Sadly, the team defeated where they still had a chance to win the match. "In the international match, the referee could be imprisont for giving the bad calls. It was still far from good," ended Iwan. (ABI/KP/KOK)