Borneo FC Samarinda U-19 should take a long deep breath to compete in the 2017 Liga U-19. Because the young Pesut Etam have to visit Papua twice in the second round of the league.

The team will have a match against Persipura Jayapura on September 25th, 2017 in Mandala Stadium, Jayapura and also visit Marora Stadium in Serui on October 9th, 2017 to fight Perseru Serui U-19.

Unfortunately, the departures of the team to Papua are not made as one package tour by PT.Liga Indonesia Baru as the competition operator. As a result, the cost of the team is bloated. For information, after fight against Persipura Junior, Borneo FC U-19 should head back to Samarinda to host Persiba U-19 and will go back to Serui, Papua to challenge Perseru Junior.

"The rule of game in the competition of Liga U-19 is confusing. In the beginning, our status was as the visitor team in the first round then we should have these two away matches again in the second round, if we are forced to go to Papua twice, why not make it as a package tour so that it will be more efficient, like what Mitra Kukar have. Their schedules are from Jayapura they will go straight to Serui," said Awang Darmawan, the manager of Borneo FC U-19.

"We are afraid that there are another party who deliberately interfere us, they do not like Borneo, so they are making up things like that. We try to be tough and keep strong, inshaallah our good will will bring in good result too," added Awang.

About the format change frome home tournament into home away also obtain negative comments. Because it will indirectly disturb the team's preparation. Moreover, the competition operator is making the second round schedule based on the home and away status in the first round of the competition. "In the first round, we were played as the host team of home tournament, in some matches we played away and home. In the second round of the competition, it should be the reverse of the schedule in the first round but in fact they say that the rule is no longer valid." he added.

With this condition, Borneo FC U-19 should prepare the budget at least 300 millions rupiahs to accomodate the operational cost to go to Papua. "In the second round, there are no team in Group 3 who want to host the competition, so the operator change the format into home and away. We also regretted that, because why they are not using this format since the beginning, or if there are no team who want to host the competition, why the competition operator did not take over the match and hold the match in neutral place, so it will not burden the club," ended Awang.

Meanwhile, in the beginning of the second round of Liga U-19 which held on last Wednesday (9/20), Borneo FC was held to 1-1 draw by the visitor team, Mitra Kukar U-19 at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda. Nevertheless, the squad still stay at the top of the Group 3 standings with 14 points as the result of four times wins, two times draw and never lose at all. (NIS/KOK)