The punishment of Borneo FC where they are not allowed to have their home match in Segiri Stadium, Samarinda for four matches and also the matches should be held behind closed the door where the fans are not allowed in the stadium to watch are still hard to accept.

The Capo of Pusamania, Hendrik, thinks that the sanction is way to heavy for Borneo FC Samarinda. Moreover, Pusamania never do an act that is inappropriate or caused chaotic situation every time Borneo FC Samarinda play in Segiri Stadium.

"What is the correlation with the fans? Every time the visitor team's fans come to Segiri Stadium, they are always safe and feel comfortable to watch the match." Hendrik complained.

He stated that Pusamania are not mind that Borneo FC Samarinda should play in Bontang. But, they are really hoping that PSSI can revised the punishment like what they did to Persib.

As known before, Persib also have received a closed-door match sanction before. However, finally the sanction was revised later. People finally were allowed to watch the match in the stadium although they were not allowed to wear any fans attributes. The reason is because football is considered as the entertainment for people.

"With the same reason, Pusamania begged to PSSI to open the door of Mulawarman Stadium for Pusamania. Whether we are allowed or not, we still head to Bontang." said Hendrik.

Hendrik confirmed that Pusamania are ready to accompany Borneo FC. Even, if they are not allowed to enter the stadium, they will keep support Borneo FC Samarinda from outside the stadium. "Tonight (yesterday), we have a meeting with our members. Hundreds of Pusamania are ready to go. Borneo are not alone." he ended. (KP/KOK/*)