Ahead to their first home match outside Samarinda, in the match against Persiba Balikpapan (9/25) in the 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1, the chance of Borneo FC Samarinda to pick up three points is quite difficult.

The mentality of the opponent team are raising after beating Semen Padang 1-0 two days ago. Borneo FC also has the ambition to revenge on their 2-3 defeat at Parikesit Stadium, Balikpapan, on the first round of the league.

Meanwhile, the next match for Borneo FC Samarinda is the match against Persib Bandung. Although the match again should be held outside Samarinda due to the sanction but Pesut Etam are very ambitious for this match. Previously, Pesut Etam could hold Persib Bandung to a 2-2 draw in the first round of the league, Lerby and his team put on target to win the match this time. "In these two of our home matches outside Samarinda the management still want us to pick maximum points. Especially, in the match against Persib." said Farid.

About decision of using Mulawarman Stadium as their temporary home base, Farid ensures that Borneo FC have received the permission of PT.Pupuk Kaltim (PKT) as the owner of the venue. "PT.Pupuk Kaltim have agreed. First we did ask for the permission orally, but then we send an official proposal to them to use the stadium as our temporary home base," explained Farid.

Although, the stadium has not been used for the this highest competition match, but it is still possible to hold the match in the stadium. That is because PT.PKT as the owner who regularly do the maintenance to the stadium.

After the sanction given to Bontang FC due to the match -fixing scandal on 2013 so they were punished and thrown to the amateur division, no clubs are using this stadium as their home base. The national level competition match are rarely held in the stadium, so the stadium is only used for the training ground for football school and some local tournament once in a while.

"We keep doing maintenance. It is better that way because the stadium is one of our investation," said the head of external affair of Public Relation Department of PT.Pupuk Kaltim, Ramli yesterday (9/22).

The stadium manager said that they are very welcome the plan of Borneo FC to use it as their temporaty home base. For the level of Liga 1, Mulawarman Stadium is quite representative compared to other stadium in East Kalimantan.

Related to the rent cost, Ramli said that it is depend to the time of the kick off itself. One day cost of using the stadium is 17,5 millions rupiahs for day match, and 22,5 millions rupiahs for evening match. "We are using per day renting system, where it also including the pitch test before match," he ended.

Meanwhile, Pesut Etam squad arrived in Bontang on Saturday (9/23) afternoon. Twenty players are brought to Bontang. Arrived in Bontang, they went straight to Mulawarman Stadium to train. (ABI/KOK)