The storm of troubles that hit Borneo FC Samarinda are slowly decreased. The 650 millions rupiahs fine by PSsI Discipline Committee is reduced into 250 millions rupiahs. Four home matches outside Samarinda also reduced into two matches.

Their appeal towards the four home matches banned is accepted. Although the sanction is cut into half, Borneo FC should pay for the 250 millions rupiahs fine.

Regarding to that matter, the manager of Borneo FC Samarinda, Farid Abubakar can be a bit relieved. Because it will be a great loss for the team if they have to play home match not in Segiri Stadium. The club's income from ticket's sale will be very helpful to the team operational costs.

"If we have to play outside Samarinda, it is not good for the club. Because usually, home match means income for the club and there is no income for the clubs if home matches are held not in Segiri Stadium," said Farid.

Actually, Pesut Etam started this season calmly. However, the numbers of sanctions given to the club, pushed them emotionally.

The former coach of Borneo FC, Dragan Djukanovic had banned in two matches where he was not allowed to accompany his team in two matches. When they had away match against Bali United, he was suspected to do intervention with the referee after the match. In fact, this Montenegrin coach said that he was only asking the coach about his unfair decision. The club also should pay 10 millions rupiahs fine.

The first round of the league was heavy for Borneo FC Samarinda who have to accept an not balanced schedule between home and away matches. More away matches, the pressure to the team increased because they never win their away matces in the first round of the league.

Fortunately, Pesut Etam were so tough to be able to win their seven home match in the first round. With this winning streak, no visitor teams were manage to pick points from Borneo FC in Segiri Stadium. That achievement is the achievement that Borneo FC Samarinda should be proud of.

Beside that seven winning streak in home match during the first round, the condition of Segiri Stadium which very little fans shown up in the stadium is very friendly condition to the visitor team's fans. Pusamania also always give attractive motivation from the tribune without chaos.

"Actually Borneo FC Samarinda is a calm team. We always respect whatever the decisions. But we can be very disappointed when we are cheated," said Farid.

The newest sanction was due to the club president, Nabil Husein Said Amin who was said to do intervention to the referee. Again, it happen in their match against Bali United but in the second round, Borneo FC Samarinda played as the host.

With no clear evidences, Nabil is suspected to do intervention with the referee. In fact, based on Nabil's confession, he only tried to communicate with the referee without the intention to harm the referee.

However, the decision's taken, for the sake of integrity of the referees. Borneo FC Samarinda should accept the sanction of two home matches outside Samarinda.

"The management are ready to face the sanctions from the PSSI Discipline Committee," added Farid.

Separately, the coach of Borneo FC, Iwan Setiawan does not want to question about this excessive penalties to Borneo FC Samarinda. According to him, wherever the team will play, he is ready to give victory for the team.

"We only focus to fight, just take it as a challenge," said Iwan. (ABI/KOK)