The lack of recovery time make some of Borneo FC Samarinda's players to complain. One of them is Shane Smeltz. According to him, playing in Bontang will make players to be tired when they have to travel for quite long distance to Bontang.

"The journey was draining our energy and mind, the journey was like riding a roller coaster," said Smeltz.

Trip to Bontang became one of his first experience. Although he looked tired during the journey, but he still occasionally threw smile to his friends.

As well as Smeltz, Borneo's Japanese fullback Kunihiro Yamashita said that their journey this time was like travelling into the jungle. There were trees and hills along the road. The winding road led to boredom. As the result, he chose to sleep on the bus.

"Actually it was fun because it felt like we were on adventure with the team. I don't mind to play anywhere because I get paid for it," he ended. (ABI/KOK)