Hosting Persiba Balikpapan in Mulawarman Stadium, Bontang on Monday (9/25), Borneo FC Samarinda is wary of the surprise that might be given by their opponent, Persiba Balikpapan. Because both of them set on target to win this match.

Their previous 1-0 victory over Semen Padang automatically boosted the fighting spirit of Persiba in their away to Bontang. And Pesut Etam give special attention to that fact.

"The heavy burden is on us, because we play as the host team in this match. But Persiba is lucky because we play in a neutral place." said Ahmad Amiruddin, the coach assistant of Borneo FC Samarinda.

To support the team's performance, Pesut Etam squad arrived early in Bontang, they arrived yesterday (9/23). 19 of Borneo's players with best performance were brought to Bontang.

Unfortunately, Terens Puhiri was not brought to Bontang because he is not feeling well. The player from Papua should stay in Samarinda to rest.

However, although missing Terens Puhiri, Abdul Rachman who was absent in Borneo FC's last match due to injury, now he can join his team in the match against Persiba.

"All players can play except they who are not feeling well. None of our players are suspended due to card accumulation." said Amir.

The condition of Persiba who wants to raise from the degradation zone also become Amir's attention. According to him, if they are not put high attention to Persiba, they can be defeat with the ambition of their opponent.

Although being humble, Amir sure that it will not be easy for Persiba to play in Bontang. The reason is Borneo FC have numbers of players which is more superior.

"Maybe we will only have trouble with our physical condition. Our schedule is very tight so we did not have enought time to recover." ended Amir. (AHS/KOK/*)