In the match against Persiba Balikpapan at Mulawarman Stadium, Bontang on Monday (9/25), Borneo Fc Samarinda player from Papua, Patrich Wanggai was substituted out by Jefri Kurniawan on the 71st minute of the match.

After that he shouted from the players bench, not because he was upset but he did that to motivate his team mates who still play on the pitch.

The way of the player who had played in Malaysia League is a bit different. He sounded like he was angry with his rich Papuanese dialect. And that became a good way in burning the motivation of other Borneo's players.

Responding to that, coach Iwan Setiawan praised Patrich Wanggai for doing that. He said that it brought a positive aura to the team. "Patrich is the person that I rely on to build the team's spirit," said Iwan.

Patrich himself admitted that what he has done was intended to motivate his team mates. Considering the match was a prestigious match for Borneo FC Samarinda, and also the long trip that has drained the energy of the players. So the best way to fight the tiredness was to have a high fighting spirit. "It's a must. We all knew that we have a long trip and a heavy match, so we have to be high spirited," explained Patrich.

Patrich Wanggai's shout out from the bench was sounded like he was mocking his own team. But that was his way to arouse the spirit of his team mates. "If we keep playing like that, common people also can play football like that. It's better for you to just stop playing if you keep playing like that," shouted Patrich.

As the result, all players were motivated and high spirited until the final whistle blown by the referee Iwan Sukoco. Pesut Etam succeed to get this one goal victory although the home match was held in Bontang.

"This is a blessing for us. We can bring home 3 points. Although we're not playing at our home base, but the fighting of the team is amazing. Clearly we will evaluate our performance ahead of our next matches," said Patrich. (HFZ/KOK)