Good news for Borneo FC U-19. This Ricky Nelson's team will host a special guest, the Thailand National Team U-19.

It has been planned that the Thailand U-19 will have a match against Pesut Etam Junior at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda on next Wednesday (10/11).

The news of the arrival of the Thais is revealed by the club President of Borneo FC Samarinda, Nabil Husein Said Amin himself. According to hime, the offer came from PSSI who said that Thailand want to have a trial match against one of Indonesian football club. "When I was in Jakarta, I met Mr.Marco from PSSI and he offered me that international trial match. Because Thailand U-19 National Team want to have two matches in Indonesia, against Indonesia National Team and against one of Indonesian football club. Then I accepted his offering," said Nabil on Thursday (9/28).

Nabil quickly accept the offer and prepare Borneo FC U-19 to face Thailand National Team U-19. According to him, facing the winner of AFF Cup U-19 will be good for Borneo FC Junior where it can improve the performance and experience of Habibie and his team.

Because their opponent this time is the winner of the AFF Chp U-19 and have a very good quality. "This will be very good and also will be an attractive entertainment for the public of Samarinda. This will also be a good experience for Bornep FC U-19," he said.

Right now the management of Borneo FC still prepare for all technical things that need to be prepared for the match, including the ticket's price. Based on the last information the ticket's fare for this International Friendship match will be Rp.15.000,- for economic tribune and Rp.50.000,- for VIP tribune. The ticket's price for this international match is cheaper if compared to the regular match in Segiri Stadium.

"This is an international trial match. So I think we have to prepare for this as good as possible. I hope the public of Samarinda and also the fan will give their support to Borneo FC because our opponent this time comes from a big football country in ASEAN," ended Nabil. (DMZ/AHS)