The intention of Borneo FC Samarinda to pick points in their away match against Barito Putera on Sunday (10/1) makes them to come early to Banjarmasin. Before they were scheduled to go to Banjarmasin today, but the team has departed to Banjarmasin yesterday.

No time to relax, Pesut Etam squad decided to maximize their two chances to train before the match against Barito Putera. One of the training is in the pitch trial tomorrow (9/30). "Our first plan is to head to Banjarmasin on Friday but seeing the condition of the team it is better for us to arrive in Banjarmasin as soon as possible. We can take time to rest and our training schedule will be well programmed too," said Ahmad Amiruddin, Coach Assistant of Borneo FC Samarinda.

20 players were brought to Banjarmasin with the intention to pick some points the best team has been prepared, no need to play defensive football. Terens Puhiri also comes back after skipped their last match due to health problem. But there are two players who played in the match against Persiba Balikpapan but need to skip the match against Barito Putera, they are Abdul Aziz and Sultan Samma.

The 20 players who brought to Banjarmasin are Nadeo Argawinata, Muhammad Ridho, Leonard Tupamahu, Diego Michiels, Yamashita Kunihiro, Matheus Lopes, Wahyudi Hamisi, Flavio Beck Junior, Terens Owang Puhiri, Patrich Wanggai, Shane Smeltz, Lerby Eliandri, Abdul Rachman, Firdaus Ramadhan, Asri Akbar, Rizki Akbar, Dinan Javier, Ricky Akbar Ohorella, Jefri Kurniawan and Arthur Irawan.

On the other hand, the absence of Sultan Samma who is suspended due to cards accumulation in this match is not good for the team. Because he gave a precised assist in the last match which led Borneo FC Samarinda to victory. Meanwhile, Abdul Aziz is sidelined due to the coach's consideration. "We bring Rizky Yusuf Nasution to Banjarmasin to fill the position in the midfield," added Amir.

Although without Sultan and Aziz, Amir believes that his team can pick points. Moreover they had defeated Barito Putera 2-1 in the first round of the league. "Getting one point is good enough. Because our opponent this time is on their positive trends," he explained. (ABI/KOK)