The matter of when the postponed match of Borneo FC Samarinda against Persib Bandung will be held up until Friday (9/29) afternoon still remain unknown. If seeing in the regulation of 2017 Go-Jek Traveloka Liga 1, the letter of notification must be done at least 7 days before the match. It means that Friday is the last day for PT.LIB to notify about the new schedule to the clubs.

Confirmed about that, Borneo FC Samarinda's secretary, Ridhotya Warman said that the management of Borneo FC still did not received any letter from PT.LIB. There weren't any letter that we received so far. Last time I checked on 09.30 p.m, and then I waited until 12.00 p.m, still no mail. Finally if we haven't received the letter of notification by now, the match at October 4th 2017 could not be held based on the regulation.

On the other hand, the public was made confused by the statement of Persib Bandung Manager, Umuh Muhtar. To the media, he explained that the match against Borneo FC will be held on October 4th at Mulawarman Stadium, Bontang.

"Yes, after a match against Persiba Balikpapan, Persib will continue to the next match against Borneo FC because there has been an official decision from PT.Liga Indonesia Baru that said the match against Borneo FC will be held on October 4th, 2017," he explained.

Responding to that, Ridho admits that he is confused. Even to confirm about the news, Ridho tried to contact Tigor Shalom Boboy, as the Chief Operating Office PT.Liga Indonesia Baru. In which he was told that the league operator has not released anything about that postponed match.

"All depends on the letter, if there is an informaton besides the letter, it is definitely not strong enough, Anyway I have communicate with Mr.Tigor (Shalom Boboy), he said that he does not know about where Persib got the information," Ridho added.

The postponed of Borneo FC against Persib Bandung actually should be held on September 16th. But two days before kick off, the PSSI Disciplinary Commission punished Pesut Etam with the suspension to do home match in Samarinda because considered to do intimidation to the match officials in the match against Bali United which resulting the match to be postponed.

From the spreading news, the match was rescheduled on October 4th. However, it got a response from Borneo FC. Because on October 1st, the winner of 2014 Divisi Utama will have a match against Barito Putera at 17 Mei Stadium, Banjarmasin. Meanwhile, Persib more benefited because on the same day Persib will have a match against Persiba Balikpapan at Batakan Stadium.

In addition, Persib also was refused if the match will be held on October 5th. Maung Bandung said that the schedule will be very tight because on October 9th, Persib will host Barito Putera at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Bandung Regency. "If the match held on October 5th, that's cutting it close and the team will be very exhausted too because after match against Barito Putera they have to travel overland for seven hours to face Borneo FC," said Umuh.

"If we're talking about the tight schedule, we also face the same problem here. And on October 8th we have a match against PSM Makassar," ended Ridho. (AHS)