Borneo FC U-19 Samarinda again succeed to keep their positive record in their home match at Segiri Stadium, Samarinda after beated Persiba Balikpapan U-19 on Friday (9/29) afternoon. The 3-1 victory also make sure that Borneo FC Samarinda U-19 finished as the winner of Group 3 in the 2017 Liga 1 U-19 competition.

Goals of Borneo FC U-19 were scored by Andrian Khoirul on the 21st minute, Iftiqar Rizal on the 30th minute, and Tri Aditia on the 69th minute. Meanwhile the only goal for Persiba U-19 was scored by Ilhamsyah on the 55th minute.

By putting the backup squad, Pesut Etam were able to rule the first half of the match. It was proven by the two goals created on the first half, meanwhile Persiba U-19 have an elementer fault in finishing touch.

On the second half, Persiba U-19 actually were played well. Even they could scored a goal. Unfortunately, the bad finishing touch made their chances to be wasted.

Defeated by the hosting team, the coach of Persiba U-19 Arifin Taledeng said that the referee Arief Syaefuddin from Batang, Central Java, was unfair. He noted that there were four time their opponent did handball but he ignored.

"Actually the match was interesting to watch. But only many of the referee's decisions that harmed us. One of our player was beaten and he had to get medical treatment at the hospital, but unfortunately there were no sanction given due to that incident," said Arifin.

Responding to that, the assistant coach of Borneo FC U-19, Basri Badrussalam said that it is an exaggerating statement. He said that the match ran normally, he also did not want to discuss about the referee. "We also often harmed by the referee, but we keep try so that we can achieve victory," he said.

Basri also praised his team for this victory over Persiba Balikpapan U-19. This AFC C licensed coach said that his team had fought so hard in that match. "Alhamdulillah, we have to be grateful for this victory. Because honestly, in the match against Persiba U-19 we were very determined to pick points so we fought hard," he said.

With this result, Borneo FC stayed in the top of Group 3 and collected 20 points. Meanwhile Persiba U-19 were held on the fourth position of the standing and collected 9 points. (ABI/AHS/KOK)