Borneo FC Samarinda will not be alone in their away match against Barito Putera tomorrow (10/1). Pusamania confirm their presence in this away match to give support and motivation directly.

The capo of Pusamania, Hendrik said that the group of Pusamania who depart to Banjarmasin are about two hundred peoples. The departure started from yesterday (9/29) afternoon. "We paid the transportation cost by ourselves. Most of us are going by land and some of us also going by plane," said Hendrik.

Most of the Pusamania are going by bus and cars. Even there are also some of them who are going there by motorcycle. "This is the form of our love and support for Borneo FC. It's usual for us to accompany Borneo FC in their away to Banjarmasin because we have a quite close relationship with the supporters of Barito Putera," explained Hendrik.

Have come so far to Banjarmasin, Hendrik hopes that his pride team can pick point. "Draw result is good enough. I wish our live supports in the stadium will be worht it," hoped Hendrik.

The arrival of Pusamania in Banjarmasin are responded positively by the coach of Borneo FC, Iwan Setiawan. According to him, all players are long to see the support from fans from the tribune. Because, in their last match, Borneo FC should play their home match not in their homebase in Bontang. "Thank you for Pusamania. What an amazing sacrifice," said Iwan.

Do not want to make their fans to be dissappointed, Iwan will try hard to bring the team to pick points. He even does not hesitate to target three points in the match on Sunday afternoon. Based on the plan, the match will be live broadcasted by TV One at 04.00 PM. (ABI/KOK)