Always scored in the last two games, Borneo FC Samarinda's striker Shane Smeltz will be the starter in their away match against Barito Putera at the 17 May Stadium, this afternoon (10/1). Breaking into the goal of Laskar Antasari be the third mission to continue the positive trend.

Creating the only goal to Persiba Balikpapan (25/9), Smeltz began to look starving for goals. More confidence that given by the coaching team helped him to be fitter in the midfield.

"Smeltz has the ability to read a good ball direction. He also has a calm finishing touch so it is difficult for the opponent goalkeeper to read the ball direction," said Ahmad Amiruddin, the coach assistant of Borneo FC Samarinda.

One of Smeltz hard work looked in the match of Borneo FC against Persiba. Together with Lerby Eliandry, both seem to fit a combination of attacks. His stamina was also good and it showed with playing full time with the team.

Despite scoring in the last two games, coach teams are reluctant to give an excess burden on Smeltz. This player with marquee player status was quite reminded to calm down in incised opportunities.

"Just align with the mission of the team only.Get the gap to take advantage of opportunities to the maximum.But if ambitious goalscoring is also not a problem.That's a mandatory task of a striker," said Amir.

Separately, Smeltz is in the spotlight trying to be more relaxed. For him, scored a goal or no it is okay. Because, more important is to give points for the team.

"I could have scored a lot of goals but if the result were lost, maybe we should perform better than before," ended Smeltz. (ABI/KOK)