Borneo FC try to find the best position on the standing this afternoon (10/1). Challenging the host team, Barito Putera at the 17 Mei stadium, Pesut Etam target to hold Barito Putera into a draw.

The achievement of one point is considered good for Borneo FC considering their opponent this time is in their positive trend. The fact that they successfully defeated Semen Padang in the last fight become a frightening fact of Barito Putera.

"Our preparation is maximized by departing early to Banjarmasin, we have observed and ready to pick up points at Barito Putera's homebase." said Ahmad Amiruddin as the coach assistant of Borneo FC.

Just two points adrift in the standing, Borneo FC is ranked one level below the host. Picking three points will be very good to move Barito Putera from the 8th position of the standing.

"We will keep being realistic by only targetting one point from this match. At least we are not lose, that is good enough." added Amir.

While from the hosting team, the coach of Barito Putera Jacksen F Tiago said that he did not hold a grudge on Borneo FC. The 1-2 defeat in the first round was just a booster for today's match so that they get maximum result.

"Derby is like a friendly match and as a coach I want every player to focus, every opponent in orange costumes should be wary," he said.

The match this time becomes the chance for Barito Putera to improve the record of both teams meeting. Had met three times, Borneo FC more dominant with two wins. The rest belong to Laskar Antasari.

Hosting Pesut Etam, Jacksen is in a complicated situation. Five players must be absent due to injury. They are Valentino Telaubun, Jecky Arisandi, Syahroni, Seftia Hadi, and Amirul Mukminin.

"The strategy will not change much, there is a change in the starter player only, hopefully the team can be mentally superior," he added. (ABI/KOK)