Lost from Barito Putera, Borneo FC Samarinda assistant coach, Ahmad Amiruddin, still appreciate the positive performance of his team.

Replacing the temporary position of Iwan Setiawan who sanctioned for two games, he considers hard work Lerby Eliandry and his teammates have reached maximum.

"First of all, let me congratulate Barito Putera, it was a good match with a lot of dueling and a chance to score, lose or win in football, I still respect the players," said Amir.

Playing well despite losing, Amir mentioned there would be an evaluation of the team coach. Especially in the front sector which again can not maximize many chances into goals. "Not only the front sector, we will improve the defense too, conceding two goals is quite a big number," he explained.

As for Borneo FC's goalkeeper, Muhammad Ridho, he prefers to ask his teammates to rise and focus to the next game. For finishing touch that looks dead end. "I am glad that all players maximized their performance and plays a maximum defeat," said Ridho.

Separately, President of Borneo FC Nabil Husein Said Amin also considered the team's struggle worthy of appreciation. Well competed in the middle of the rushing rain makes the feeling of tired become double. "Keep the spirit of Pesut Etam, take the blessings of today's game (yesterday) and keep the spirit," said Nabil.

After challenging Barito Putera, Pesut Etam squad went straight to Samarinda today (10/2). Asri Akbar and his teammates went home and get ready to host PSM Makassar (10/8). (ABI/KOK)