Successfully scored a goal in the away match against Barito Putera, defender Kunihiro Yamashita increasingly feel at home with Borneo FC. Even he hopes to continue wearing Pesut Etam's uniform until several seasons ahead.

Yamashita's football career in Indonesia began while defending Pesut Etam competed in the 2017 President Cup. Yes, Borneo FC is the first professional club from Indonesia that he defended. Although with a brand-new status, he was able to deliver the team to the final. But lost to Arema FC in the last match stopped their effort of being the champion.

"I am happy to share many things with Borneo FC, here in Indonesia, it is a nice and friendly place," said Yama.

While in the competition, Yama became the most frequent performer with 2,160 minutes. Despite the position of the defender, he was able to score two goals so far.

In addition to scoring goals, Yama evolved into a friendly player. Had time to play hard at the beginning of the season, a barrage of three yellow cards immediately obtained.

But after severely absent due to cards accumulation, until now he has never received a card. On the basis of his playing maturity, he is trusted as the team's captain to replace Ponaryo Astaman who is still joining the coaching course.

Having a mandate as a captain, Yama claimed to be proud and always confident in the field. For him, the most difficult thing to lead his colleagues on the field during minor incidents. "My job is to keep my friends from being emotional in the field, communicating wisely with referees," he added.

Being a foreign legate, Yama continues to learn the local language. It was done because he is more comfortable in Indonesia, especially Samarinda.

Facing PSM Makassar in the next game, Yama wants his team to win again. The defeat against Barito Putera in the last match was quite painful. Moreover, one goal against the opponent's goal was created by him.

"We have to get up and forget the defeat, now focus on evaluation and win," he concluded. (ABI/KOK)